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Why I bake...

I love celebrating life - celebrating people during the most important milestones in their life - birthdays, weddings, showers, retirement and of course all the holidays! But I also love celebrating the ordinary. Making the ordinary feel extraordinary is my passion. Changing seasons, vacations, movie nights, just because!

Life is precious and I believe in living it joyfully!

That's where the cookies come in. Decorated sugar cookies are my absolute favorite cookies in the whole wide world. Sweet little pieces of art, baked with love that convey messages of love, joy, good and humor - what could be better! 


I would love to make cookies for you. Let's chat!




Let's Get Ready to Place Your Order!

My availability is limited each week. It's important to place your orders as early as possible so we can be sure to have the cookies you need when you need them. Follow Little Cookie Shoppe on Facebook Page for pre-order sales, flash sales and holidays. Reach out to me personally for custom orders through messenger on my Facebook Page.

Please make sure you read through the terms of purchase.

All products are produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. Safety concerns contact her local help department.

All orders are paid at the time the order is placed. Pick up is at my residence. Pick up times are prearranged.

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