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And I don't mind telling you that living my best life hasn't come easily.

Every biography I have ever read, included their perseverance through adversity - hardship, challenges and even trauma.  I am all about that life. Healing. Grit. Determination. Clarity. Peace. Joy and above all love.

I have been happily married to the love of my life, Steve for almost 25 years and we have three amazing grown kids.


Our kids have picked the best dang spouses in the whole wide world and they have blessed us with the secret ingredient to my best life - grandchildren! My four grand kids are pure joy. They are pixie dust and magic and they are gorgeous. Ask me I'll show you some of the 16,739 photos on my phone. 

My house is in order and I am healthier at 51 than I have ever beenin my life- physically, mentally and emotionally.


When my last little bird graduated from our homeschool  I sold my last business (event planning busines) and took a long pause. We had engagements then weddings to plan and then all these blessed births!

I'm focused these days on supporting my kids however they need me. Enjoying time with my husband, helping my girls and working very part time for my youngest son in his business. I am blessed to spend my time doing all the things I love and I don't take a moment of it for granted.


I've been a writer, parent coach, teacher, youth minister, entrepreneur, mentor and speaker for many years. I have feathered my nest with lots of twine and twigs over the years. I manage health challenges and my life's purpose has been to break toxic cycles in my family. 


I'm a passionate home cook and baker - check out the Cookie Shop. I love to write and create beautiful things. This site is my Housewife Hobby Farm. Little of this, little of that - it's how I roll. 

Peace and Blessings, 



I'm living my best life


Robin McCarty

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