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Sick Mama and Teddy snuggled under a quilt my sweet, grandma Audrey made. She was Lindsey’s great-grandma, Teddy’s great-great Grandma.

She passed in 2017 before Lindsey was married. She hadn’t given this to her yet. We found it marked for her in her trunk when I gathered all her quilts and pieces after the funeral.

How did she know to make her a quilt with swans? (Their last name is Swann)

It’s Lindsey’s favorite blanket. She sleeps with it every night.

Lindsey had a special place in grandma’s heart because she helped me SO much when I was a single mama. She kept her while I worked and when I needed her.

She loved me so much. Having Lindsey was like getting to be with me all over again she would say.

None of my grandchildren ever met her. But today running a little fever and feeling sick Teddy was tucked in tightly wrapped in squares of cloth she stitched together and quilted with her own two hands.

Our heirlooms aren’t fancy. They aren’t worth two plug nickels to most people but I treasure them still. It warmed my heart to them covered in her love. When I was growing up she was my safest place. My 'I feel the most loved here' place,

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