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Little Hands

Her little hands can do such big things. Maybe not perfectly but she does her very best. She takes such pride and watches my face for approval and encouragement.

Before lunch today we made chicken salad, hard boiled eggs, chopped veggies for snacks for the week. Washed and prepped the fruit and made everything for dinner except the chicken.

She cleaned the window and helped in so many ways.

I haven’t forgotten how hard it can be to let their little hands help. I remember that everything with children takes a bit longer and sometimes you have to redo it when they aren’t looking but the confidence and self esteem they gain is more than worth it.

Too many parents struggle with kids who hate chores and won’t contribute. Engaging them in a positive way every day in accomplishing all the things that need doing establishes a positive reaction to work and self reliance.

When we hate doing our work, when we do it half way, when we expect a parade to be thrown for each task we accomplish we are teaching them that taking care of their own environment is a burden.

Prep good food, keep spaces clean and organized. Take care of our belongings. Sounds simple but adults struggle. Of course children will.

I think working with those little hands may just allow us to see our world through little eyes.

Eyes that think it’s fun to make food or use a vacuum. Eyes that feel proud of a job done well.

I enjoyed doing this so much with my children and now spending days doing this with my grandchildren is more beautiful than I could have imagined.

I hope one day she asks for Mimi’s recipes. I hope she remembers how Mimi showed her to do all these things. And I hope she never forgets how much I loved every minute.

She’s the oldest of four grandbabies at 5 years old so these days are just beginning anew for me. Little hands, small tasks and memories that last a lifetime.

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