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My Happy Place

My happy place is green and blue

It's new like spring and smells like you.

Cool water on my feet

It bubbles and moves, its journey never complete.

Winds, not breezes dance in my hair

It's not hot or cold, it's just what I need, air.

It's not north or south, left or right,

It's in between, there is no fight.

It's morning or evening maybe, because time doesn't press

I'm alone but not lonely. What even is stress?

Life and change in all I see

I know it was all created for me.

No history or future to stir in me, fear.

I only feel safety, and love that is clear.

Irony and sarcasm have no place

Axes to grind have no safe space.

It's soft and gentle, the edges are round

In my brain and my body, only peace can be found.

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