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Praying Up

Evening prayers are being offered for the women who are falling into bed, bone weary.

I don’t know what hit you today or maybe it’s many things catching up to you, but as you try to settle your brain for the night know that prayers are being offered at the cross for you.

You might be feeling invisible. Tucked inside your house, or tucked inside your head and your heart as you suffer silently. You may be thinking that this exhaustion, worry and sadness your feeling isn‘t known or seen.

It is.

You are.

Call out to him and he will send angels to tend you and defend you.

It feels like speaking into a great void when your spirit is in a place of desolation. For me, I need to speak out loud when I feel the lowest.

I need to say the name of Jesus because the enemy that is coming against me will retreat at the sound of his name.

You can’t be everything, to everyone, all the time. I know. I tried.

Do what you can, do what you can find. Do it with a humble spirit and a grateful heart.

Tomorrow will come, yesterday will keep. Right now, you need to rest and wait upon the mercies that are new everyday.

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