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New Frontier

Stardate: August 11, 2022

Planet: Lana

The inhabitants are becoming less civilized than they were when we originally encountered them.

Clothing has become optional as well as personal grooming though they continue to be quite content with bathing for long periods of time as long as their water is refreshed.

It is nearly impossible to accomplish any work here beyond the basic necessities to preserve life and limb. So ambitions of expansion and construction have been eliminated.

Despite an abundance of resources the natives have chosen to be sustained by only strawberries, white milk and a processed food they call “Froot Loops”.

Nonetheless they remain beautiful to watch. Their habits and mannerisms bring the crew endless entertainment.

They smile and engage joyfully in every waking moment. All things are new and exciting and it’s changed the crew’s temperament delightfully.

It’s clear our presence has disrupted in some degree their sleeping patterns. So enamored with us they have foregone the luxury of their own quarters to draw close to us every night for warmth or perhaps comfort. We do not anticipate that they will ever return to their own berth.

Though our mission is now more than half way complete there is talk amongst the crew about remaining. It’s clear the inhabitants (well just the one inhabitant) is a gift from the Creator and it will be very difficult to part them.

Live Long and Prosper

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