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No Spend January

It's day 3 of January and I can tell you now this will be harder than I imagined.

We've done many "No Spend Challenges" over the years and coming up after Christmas it would seem to be a pretty ease one, right?

100% we need nothing.

It's a first world problem trying to discipline yourself not to buy things you don't need. This is really the whole point of a No Spend January for me. To hone in and shine a light on the stark difference between what I want and what I need.

No one is checking up on me or slapping me on the back of the neck when I open my Amazon app (except my conscience) but having this goal for January I hope to create more lasting change.

Greater discipline in this area is on my short list for the new year. Day 2 of January I realized the dog needed to be groomed. Is this a want or a need?

I have the clippers and 90% of the time I groom her myself to save money. But this week, I'm tired. She needs a bath, her nails trimmed and a full cut. It's a whole thing to do her grooming and if I'm being honest it hurts my back. I don't love doing it. I do it to save the $60

It's definitely a want though and not a need, in that I don't WANT to do it. I haven’t decided. One of the Amazon Firesticks is acting slow to load. It's very old and there's too much data on it, to work very well. I should have bought it on Prime Day and I didn't. But now I'm thinking it can wait until a sale again. I looked and decided against it.

I realize the New Year starts off with lofty goals and good intentions. Most fall by the wayside a few weeks in. That's okay. Every attempt to improve and grow in discipline matters. In 2020 I began to explore the habit of Essentialism which is similar to Minimalism but allows for things you enjoy and is focused on many areas of our life. Not just the stuff.

Things that are meaningful can sometimes stay. You decide what's essential. I'm never going to be a minimalist. If you've known me for a minute you aren't shocked by this. But I continue to eliminate clutter and pare down to the things that I need and the things that bring me peace and joy.

It's not going to look like anyone else's idea of essential. My interpretation is just that- mine. It shouldn't be a comparison. Just food for thought. Consider the notion along with me this year beginning with a No Spend January?

How I'm thinking through decisions in No Spend January

  • Do I need it?

  • Do I have other items that will suffice?

  • Do I have items I need to finish using before replacing?

  • Is it essential?

  • Is there a possibility I will resell this item for less than I would pay now?

  • Is this an impulse buy?

  • Is this a holiday or occasion buy?

  • Is this a luxury?

  • Is this dining out?

  • Is this a service I can perform myself?

  • Is there a wiser use for the money?

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